Compactus units are a key storage component, particularly within Operating Theatre storerooms, with this in mind Medstor Australia offers a complete range with all standard sizes (standard height 1900mm) of Metro Top Track compactus units. These can be fitted into an open space or between two existing walls.

Medstor provides a comprehensive supply and installation service for all units.

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Length 455mm Wide 535mm Wide 610mm Wide
915mm MCPT915-455 MCPT915-535 MCPT915-610
1065mm MCPT1065-455 MCPT1065-535 MCPT1065-610
1220mm MCPT1220-455 MCPT1220-535 MCPT1220-610
1370mm MCPT1370-455 MCPT1370-535 MCPT1370-610
1525mm MCPT1525-455 MCPT1525-535 MCPT1525-610
1830mm MCPT1830-455 MCPT1830-535 MCPT1830-610

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